St. Louis Model Railroad Museum
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Incorporated August 24, 2011, the St. Louis Model Railroad Museum is a brand new venture aimed at bringing the world of model railroading to the public and generating the kind of excitement many of us remember when we were first exposed to the world of miniature trains.

The St. Louis Model Railroad Museum facility will be located in St. Louis at a point in time when a suitable location is identified and secured by our Board of Directors and Subscribers.

This web site is new and more information will be available in time. Those interested in getting involved with us should email to or mail a letter to:

  St. Louis Model Railroad Museum
  P O Box 221122
  St. Louis, MO 63122 
The St. Louis Model Railroad Museum will provide miniature representations of railroads and do research to preserve the history of model railroading and to educate the public on the many aspects of model railroading. 
The museum may have exhibits from area model railroad clubs, provide model railroad related educational programs and host group meetings, celebrations or special events.